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1968 TR$ irs
1968 TR4A IRS restored nice car call for details $38000

1970 triumph TR6
nice straight TR not rusty , white with new black interior new top , walnut dash , $18900

1980 morgan + 8 $69000
1980 Morgan Plus 8 Turbo s/n R8787 Beige with Maroon Fenders and Interior Since the 1930s, Morgan has been building sports cars for the true automotive enthusiast. Much of the design has remained constant, and the later Morgans, such as this Plus 8, bear many of the same lines which the captivated motoring world during the pre and post war periods. In 1980, when this delightful Plus 8 was built, the turbo was absolutely the most powerful car produced by Morgan. Fitted with rack and pinion steering and telescopic gas filled shocks on all four corners as standard equipment, the Plus 8 showed equal improvements in both power and cornering. Up to the early 1990s, all Plus 8s delivered to the US were fitted with a Rover-derived 215 c.i. V8 engine run on propane or Butane (LPG) delivering approximately 225 horse power. With a top speed well over twice the national speed limit, and 0-60 acceleration just below 6.8 seconds, Motor Trend found the Plus 8 to be `A real kick in the knickers to drive.` This particular car is a one owner California car. It was sold through Bill Fink of Isis Motors Ltd., EOP/DOT certified for all 50 States, and delivered to the owner in late 1980. The current owner used her Morgan as a daily driver covering nearly 50,000 miles between 1980 and 1991! During this period the car was regularly maintained by Continental Auto Service in Stockton, California. The car sat unused for some time before a light mechanical reconditioning was performed by Ward Rose at Import Auto Service in Modesto, California. This work consisted of redoing the hydraulic brake systems and replacing the rear brake shoes, replacing the alternator belt and heater and fan switches, replacing the upper and lower radiator hoses, repainting the engine bay firewall, and refinishing the wheels and mounting new tires, and was completed in April of 2007. Today, the car is everything you could hope for in a great driver. It delivers good, solid performance, feels tight, and is cosmetically nice enough to make a great presentation, but not so nice that it can�t be used with a clear mind. The car has been repainted in its original colors. The work was a fairly good job, appropriate for the car`s value. The body is straight, and the door shut solid. All the additional federalization equipment is present. The aesthetically questionable bumpers could be easily removed. The complete soft top and full cockpit tonneau are present and in good condition without rips or tears, but are slightly discolored. The side windows are in very good condition. The car sits on brand new Pirelli tires with freshly restored and powder coated wheels. The interior, with the exception of the carpets, in condition typical of a `driver`. The carpers look to have been replaced. The dash and door panel leather is excellent, the seats and transmission tunnel leather is fair. The engine compartment has seen some basic cosmetic restoration work and is presentable. The underside wood is solid. Having been a lifetime California car, this Morgan does not suffer from the rust and wood deterioration that East Coast cars do. While not detailed, the underside shows signs of much recent work, and is mechanically tidy. From a driving standpoint, these Plus 8 Turbos are very impressive. They are quite light, and the acceleration is brisk. The stopping ability is good which is also attributable to their light weight. The seating position and driver ergonomics will accommodate a taller driver infinitely better than the earlier Morgans. Morgan owners are an outgoing and courageous lot, with a great calendar of events to use your new Morgan on, and intriguing stories for cocktail hour. With this car comes a letter from Peter Morgan, mechanical records for the recent work done, concourse documentation and a trophy from 1982, and several Morgan related articles. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1996 defender 130
one of a kind $59000


1998 defender 300 tdi
300 tdi 150,klm nice truck call for details $32000